The unfortunate reality for most Angelenos is that there isn’t enough open public space to play, relax and connect. 


Community School Parks change this.

Community School Parks (CSPs) are supervised school-site playgrounds and outdoor recreation spaces that are open to the public on Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm year-round and feature youth and community enrichment programming. 

CSPs are made open to the public by People for Parks through a collaboration with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and its after school enrichment partner, Beyond the Bell. 

CSPs are safe, free and welcome to community members of all ages. 

Most importantly, CSPs are place-based.  They belong to the communities that enjoy them.  They belong to us.

What role does COMPAS play at CSPs?

As COMPAS members, we not only enjoy these spaces, we also participate actively in making them neighborhood hubs and mobilize for CSP and shared use expansion.  

Many if not most of us live in incredibly dense regions of LA, where there is not enough space for children, youth, family and friends to play, connect and build community.

We believe that safe recreation spaces like CSPs are the most effective and immediate solution to this problem; they help humanize and improve the quality of life of our city.  To this end, we engage community partners and stakeholders, such as the LAUSD board, about the importance of shared-use and the Community School Park concept.  We also help make the space ours by participating in and leading CSP activities.

Join us to mobilize for the space we need to build strong communities and lead healthy lives.