CSP Coordinator

Opportunity number: #01LS

Area: Saturday Logistics

Date and Hours:

Mondays 11 am - 1pm (2 hrs)

Fridays 11 am - 1pm (2 hrs)

Saturdays 9 - 3 pm (6 hrs) 

Week: 10 hours 

Objective:  CSP Coordinator provide general support in community engagement and the daily operation of CSPs.


The ideal CSP Coordinator lives near one of our parks, is organized and has experience organizing events or activities.


  • Regularly communicates with the community
  • Assists in conducting community needs surveys and researching programming ideas
  • Supports CSP space set-up
  • Helps finalize event or activity related details
  • Support ‘Saturday Logistics’ volunteer team, such as CSP Hosts, Promoters and Decorators
  • Assesses CSP strengths and opportunities for improvement

Become a CSP Promotora

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